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My opinion about ‘paid by exposure’

Throughout my time as a photographer and at University, this topic has surfaced a number of times. And my opinion is quite simple and straightforward. Anyone who dedicates a number of hours doing work within their area of expertise should be PAID irrelevant of the amount of knowledge one has in that area.

How is exposure work defined? When does a person go from being paid through exposure and actually charging money for their service? These are the number of questions that I raise when faced with this argument. I understand that most people will either agree or disagree with this subject. However, the intention of this blog is to offer a platform of discussion and not for obscene comments.

One has to also draw a line between exposure work and volunteering. Volunteering and exposure work can be closely related but are different in intention. Therefore, to anyone who is offered exposure work make sure that the person/ company requesting the service is truly offering an opportunity and not because of a ‘limited budget’. Moreover, make sure that the position up for grabs offers a learning curve opportunity and not merely to fill a post (biex is-sod it-toqba). Never let anyone underestimate your level of expertise!

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