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Lack of motivation during Covid times

Imagine this: a Tuesday morning, a notepad full of things to do, university deadlines approaching, yet we get nothing done all day. Something which I have been experiencing a number of times during these past few months. A feeling which has to do with waking up late and also procrastinating while stuck at home.

Since the first day when restrictions came into effect, I have really felt that my productivity level took a hit. Now that restrictions will start to ease, I plan to schedule my time more precisely and get things done much earlier in the day. The first few hours of the day, even though I struggle to wake up in the morning, should be the most productive given that the mind is still fresh.

Google Calendar is king. However, I think that I should focus more on prioritizing 6 tasks in a day and get those done. If I manage to complete 4 in a day, then I move those 2 tasks to the next day for another 6 tasks. This should ensure the efficiency and timeliness of deadlines. Let’s see how this goes.

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