Mental Health


Happiness as a major factor in life fulfillment

If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught me, is to take decisions based on how fulfilling and happy they make me. Life is too short to go down the wrong path and not take a chance on something you have always dreamed about. Circumstances to an extent dictate what decision you can and...

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Lack of motivation during Covid times

Imagine this: a Tuesday morning, a notepad full of things to do, university deadlines approaching, yet we get nothing done all day. Something which I have been experiencing a number of times during these past few months. A feeling which has to do with waking up late and also procrastinating while stuck at home. Since the first...

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Knowing when to have a break

In life, things tend to happen so fast that we never stop to think and evaluate a situation or moment. One time you’re at work, tirelessly finishing tasks that have been assigned. Another time, you are studying hard for exams which are coming up. Other times, you are trying to enjoy some free time with family and...

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