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Happiness as a major factor in life fulfillment

If there is one thing that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught me, is to take decisions based on how fulfilling and happy they make me. Life is too short to go down the wrong path and not take a chance on something you have always dreamed about. Circumstances to an extent dictate what decision you can and cannot take, which might not contribute to your happiness in the short term. However, you should always find ways and means of how to ultimately arrive at that thing that truly makes you content.

Along the journey towards ultimate happiness, difficult decisions need to be taken. Even if it means leaving a place of work, breaking up with someone, or spending an amount of money. As long as it contributes towards your happiness in some form or another. The idea here obviously is not to way out logical reasoning behind decisions. But prioritizing happiness as a major factor within any decision you take. Moreover, decisions that make you happy should not in no way harm someone else.

Each and every one of us has a different scale of what constitutes happiness. And something which makes me happy is not the same thing which makes you happy. An easy way to understand whether you are on the right track is to do a little exercise of self-reflection and thinking. Understand your life in terms of decisions both from short and long-term aspects. If the overall evaluation results in the negative, then you should come to the conclusion that change is required. Within the Maltese culture, change is very hard to swallow. It comes with a lot of fussing and complaining. However, it is necessary to steer you in the right direction. Therefore what I am trying to get is, stop wasting time on things that are irrelevant for you and do whatever it takes so that you are ultimately happy. Start today, not tomorrow.

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